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Laptop issue – Manufacturing defect

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    I had purchased a laptop 1 year back. However, only within just few days it started creating problems. I have had to get it repaired for the same problems again and again. Now, the company is saying that I am not using the laptop properly and it is my fault that is causing the problems. I had from starting inform them about the problems and requested for replacement, but they are not agreeable to that. The company is now saying that the repairs would now not be covered under warranty because of my usage issues. The laptop is still under warranty. The engineer who visited my place previously considered everything and stated that he does seem to find any issues with my usage. Now, the company is saying they would not replace the part under warranty and I have to pay large amount of money. They have till date not replaced the part once and every-time only repaired it. Can I file a complaint claiming refund or replacement of the laptop.



    As long as the product is covered under the warranty and the part or the issue is not specifically and clearly excluded from your warranty, the company cannot arbitrarily refuse to replace it. If the say of the company is that it is your fault, they have to give reasons. As you have said their engineer agrees with you, as well as from the start, it is a faulty piece, the product or the part should have been changed. You can file complaint for claiming refund or replacement of your laptop.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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