No product can be sold over MRP


Trader, dealer or seller cannot take advantage of their monopolistic status or position and exploit any consumer by charging amount higher than Maximum Retail Price.

Sometimes the prices of food and beverages at certain places are exorbitant. No matter the prices of other food products, however for the packed food products and beverages, the prices cannot be charged than its MRP.

The National Commission, in the case of Big Cinemas & Anr. v. Manoj Kumar, has fined 5 Lakh Rupees penalty on Multiplex for charging Rs.30 for water bottle having MRP Rs.16. This may be a serve as a precedence for some of the traders to adopt fair pricing, however there is no bar in having multi-pricing wherein the same product could be sold at different prices at different places. The multiplex took the defense that the price of the water-bottle printed in the multiplex, which was sold to the consumer was of Rs.30 and not Rs.16, however the multiplex could not prove the same and it was held that the product having MRP of Rs.16 was sold for Rs.30 which amounted to unfair trade practice.

This calls for consideration of a bigger picture that even considering the fact that if the MRP of the product is Rs. 30 and right-outside the place the MRP is Rs.16, is it fair and whether the same should be permitted or not. While multi-pricing is absolutely justified at places based on fair reasons and necessities and as such there should be no bar on it, but there should be justifiable reasons for having multi-pricing and should not be arbitrary. However, next time, when you purchase any product and if the seller asks for price higher than MRP, never pay for it and protect your right.


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